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French Bulldog MassageDog Massage? Yes, really! Petting your dog is great! But, just like us, sometimes they need more professional support to feel their healthiest best. Dog massage works on so many levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Structured massage for animals is a relatively new application of an ancient healing art and works beautifully with “Western” or allopathic medicine.  Medical and scientific research has shown the positive effect that touch has on humans.  While your dog has probably not read the data, evidence suggests they benefit in much the same way we do. We may enjoy a massage primarily for relaxation and relieving stress from our aching muscles, plus the sense of pampering it gives us. Our dogs enjoy all of those benefits, but they also receive a greater sense of connection with people. In the case of fearful or timid dogs, they may even begin to trust humans, often opening up to increased closeness with their family.

Personal experience, with my own and my client dogs, has shown me an increase in confidence, trust, and general well-being of the dog. Dog massage is a great way to give your dog a relaxing experience with mental, physical and emotional benefits.

And don’t ALL dogs deserve that?

Your Dog's Massage

Your Dog is Professionally Massaged in the Comfort of Your Home. No stressful car rides or fearful office visits. I bring calming relaxation, tension relieving massage and the extra boost of energywork to your dog.

On your first visit, I take some time to get to know your dog, to build a bond of trust…or at least tolerance of touch. This initial session will lay the foundation for our future work together.
If your dog is nervous or a bit afraid, I take my time. I may just sit next to him and allow him to be near me. Slowly, we build our trust.
Just like us, stress affects your dog in different ways. Some may become destructive, some may bark, some may eat too much. Dog massage can help release that stress.
For puppies or young dogs having a massage can build an even stronger bond between them and people. They learn to trust and connect, leading the way to a happier life.